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CHA-21626 (CHA2065)

CHA-21627 (CHA3065)

CHA-21628 (CHA2085)

CHA-21629 (CHA3085)

Touch On and Off / Touch On & Auto Off
Material : Lead-Free Brass
Made in Taiwan

One Touch J-line Spout Sink Faucet

SKU: 40400401
    • Cold Water Only
    • CHA21626 (SKU#40400401) with One Touch Tap CHA2065
    • CHA21627 (SKU#40400501) with One Touch Tap CHA3065
    • CHA21628 (SKU#40400601) with Timer Tap CHA2085
    • CHA21629  (SKU#40400701) with Timer Tap CHA3085
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